Harvest Time Tracker is a fantastic tool to track time. While Harvest lets you track time and send invoices to clients quickly, it is time consuming to calculate and track the hours to pay workers. You  have to export the time records, calculate the hours, add them into the payroll software, and then finally pay the worker while ensuring no mistakes were made. This process is tedious, requires an abundance of copy and paste, and is error-prone.

Yield Payroll works with Harvest Time Tracking to help you pay your team for the hours they worked. It is as simple as logging in with  your Harvest account, checking YieldPay’s auto -generated time ledger to see who needs to be paid for what, adding hours into your payroll, and then marking the hours as paid on the time ledger. While on the app, you can also check your daily billable and non-billable hours. We hope this reduces the time it takes you to pay your workers. It sure has for us!